Ruins – Hyderomastgroningem (1995)

Ruins - Hyderomastgroningem (1995)
Artist: Ruins
Album: Hyderomastgroningem
Genre: Avant-garde, RIO, Progressive Rock
Year Of Release: 1995
Quality: APE (image+.cue)

1. Hyderomastgroningem — 1:27
2. Brixon Varromiks — 9:41
3. O’33” — 0:33
4. Economic Mond Possa — 2:02
5. Pig Brag Crack — 2:23
6. Prrifth — 5:19
7. Pontemcorary Music #1 — 2:41
8. Zurna Taksim — 0:37
9. Comme a La Radio — 0:39
10. Gravestone — 3:20
11. Memories of Zworrisdeh — 5:27
12. Skyscraper — 2:19
13. Doinnen Vlast — 2:48
14. Stone Eater — 4:21
15. Pontemcorary Music #2 — 1:45
16. Del Fanci Kant — 7:35
17. Bonze from Hell — 0:36
18. Speed Ball — 2:51
19. Ordinary People in Idaho — 4:04
20. Bliezzaning Moltz — 6:49


Creating a style of music that can be almost classified as far as post-punk or heavy thrash metal, drummer Tatsuya Yoshida and his assistant of the album (it happens to be Ryuichi Masuda on this album) are fast transforming Ruins into a widely styled musical machine. Virtually everything can be heard on this album, and more.

There are 4 really short songs (around 30 seconds) that show their purpose as this band’s really whacked out side. The first, “0’33”, is just high-pitched shrieking and the second, “Zurna Taksim”, is a bass-driven chant that pounds your eardrums back into your head. the third and fourth short tracks showcase the band’s ability to think outside the box, best exampled by the radio effects used in “Comme La Radio”. Don’t get me wrong, the shorter songs are great vocal experiments but the longer tracks are the glue that holds the album together. The second song on the album which clocks in at over 9 minutes, “Brixon Varromiks”, is just a snare-drum pounding rhythmic chant that seems to go on for ages, but you don’t care how long it runs while you’re listening to it because you are too caught up in the action. “Del Fanci Kant”, at over 7 minutes, is another great longer song that features the same pounding drum rhythms.

Besides these songs of the short and long, there are some other amazing gems found spread throughout this album. My personal favorite on the album is the frantic and frenzied “Memories of Zworrisdeh”, with its high-pitched vocal shakes and bass scales. The title track and the two English titled tracks, “Speed Ball” and “Ordinary People In Idaho” are not ones to miss either.

Although there are 4 songs under 1 minute long, there really is no filler on this album at all. Every song may not be in a key order, but the songs do play off of one another to create all of the vocal and drum experiments that Yoshida was attempting here. I would highly recommend this album to punk fans who want a break from the ordinary, and metal fans who think they have heard it all, any fans of Magma or Weidoje, or just anybody in general that wants to put their ears up to the test.
Review by Chris H

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