Rudiger Carl, Sven-Ake Johansson – Djungelmusik med sang (2000)

Rudiger Carl, Sven-Ake Johansson - Djungelmusik med sang (2000)
Artist: Rudiger Carl, Sven-Ake Johansson
Album: Djungelmusik med sang
Genre: Free Jazz
Label: Häpna
Year Of Release: 2000
Quality: FLAC (tracks+.cue)

Untitled 11:53
Untitled 12:01
Untitled 6:22
Untitled 5:36
Untitled 8:07


Recorded 1997 at the book and record store Andra Böcker och Skivor in Stockholm. This CD featuring two of the most innovative improvisors in Europe is the first released recording of the duo since 1985. Carl and Johansson’s music isn’t tied to any genre, but instead flows freely over both known and unknown territories, in its own unique way. Sound-wise, the CD has a special focus: every track on “Djungelmusik med sång” features at least one accordion, an element that holds the diverse material together.

Rüdiger Carl (November 2000), on the history of the duo:
“I first met Sven in 1966 or so in (West) Berlin, where I was living that time, and where he had just moved to. We started playing together in various combinations in clubs and at different events in town, and I remember doing our first duo-gig in a museum-art-show ’68 there. That was also the times for hanging out together, party and having balls and fun, and enjoy the endless Berlin-nights.”

“In 1970 I left Berlin for Wuppertal, met the free-music-guys there, and got together with guitarist Hans Reichel (duo Buben). 1979 I joined a trio with Sven, Hans and Ludwig Petrowski, famous sax/clarinet-player from East Germany, and we built the meanwhile high historical Bergisch Brandenburgisches Quartett. After 3-4 years this forerunning ensemble came to an end, and Sven and me were thinking of how to continue after this high-fly time, including various tours (also a two-week US East Coast tour) and concerts. Then we did two very different decisions, after trying out some possibilities: we started to keep on our musical ideas as a duo, that seemed to be stronger than any other mixes that we had checked, and second we built the Swing Dance Band called Night and Day, playing some selected material of the forties as an acoustic band, for dancers in ballrooms, lovers in nightbars, and freaked-out artists on their parties. I played tenor that time and later also a bit of clarinet, Alexander von Schlippenbach did piano, Jay Oliver played the bass, and Sven was swinging on brushes and sticks. This went on for twelve years.”

“So you can say the duo started in 1984, and has been on the road in Europe since then. We did various recordings, live-broadcasts etc., but never released any of them. So indeed, the FMP-LP from 1985 is the last issued recording of the duo.”

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