Michael Formanek – Am I Bothering You? (1998)

Michael Formanek - Am I Bothering You? (1998)
Artist: Michael Formanek
Album: Am I Bothering You?
Genre: Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde Jazz
Label: Screwgun Records
Year Of Release: 1998
Quality: FLAC (tracks+.cue)

1. Crawlspace (04:19)
2. Diesel Shortbread (05:02)
3. Overhead Justice (03:23)
4. C-Clamp Wedgie (04:39)
5. Theramin (02:58)
6. Oh… The Glitch (08:28)
7. Ruff Kut (02:58)
8. Seams (07:04)
9. Osismodo (02:44)
10. Streams / Rollin’ Stone (07:33)


Am I Bothering You? is an eye-opening and enjoyable listen (lesson) in what can be done with, and to, the upright bass. This is an intimate, in-your-face recording that does not use overdubs, nor a plug-in — you can hear Formanek breathing as he works his bass over. Ranging from the deepest low-end groove of “Diesel Shortbread” to “Seams”‘ mind-numbing ride through extended techniques, Formanek demonstrates that he is one of the most skilled and interesting bassists around. His incredible technique and innovation will amaze both bass players and general fans of the instrument. For those interested, but unfamiliar with more “outside” music, there’s plenty of structure to hang on to here; an open mind and an appreciation for the instrument are all that’s needed.
Review by Joslyn Layne

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